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Not dead

I'm still alive!

Life has changed a lot. I'll post more later. <3

It's autumn! O_O

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year, simply because of the weather that comes with it. Cool air, nice breezes. It doesn't get better than this.

Also, also...basketball and football are in full swing, fall tv series are on, and new music is premiering everywhere!

As far as my life and its happenings, I changed majors to Radio/TV/Film and I am currently deciding on a new minor. Working occasionally with Ark over at Marco's pizza, which is fun! Wish they scheduled us together more. Really having a great time with my brother in town and going to Auburn as well. ^_^

That's all for now! Trying to update more! 

So I've got this Journal, right?

Now I'm supposed to post in it?!

Well okay then. Found out about the Auburn Furs group through IRC about two weeks ago. Finally got around to meeting and hanging out with Ceralor and Mirage. Also met Nynn the other day. It's been great to meet some others around the area with similar interests. *Yip!*

Anyways, I have been interested in furry art and the likes since I was about 14, but just never got into the community and social aspect of it. Just adopted my fursona this month and can't wait for the experiences to come. I'm currently a sophomore in computer science living on campus at Auburn University.

Hope to meet all of you soon.

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